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Our values

Guiding principles of our actions

Respect and guarantee the dignity of colleagues, customers and suppliers as well as to the overall society 

  • Respect this above all circumstances such as social or professional position, sex, religion, social class and race etc.

  • Consider people as an end in themselves and never as a means to something 

  • Dedicate sufficient time to one's family, community and coworkers as a proof of this value

Focus on creating value for the customer, which is the reason for the company's existence

  • Always prioritize the delivery of products and services that create more value versus those that create more revenue

  • Adopt the latest technological innovations that help increase our impact

  • Prioritize the maintenance of long-term relationships through outstanding professional performance

Ensure excellent professional performance as the best means of fulfilling our mission

  • Ensure that the best possible work is done with the tools and information available

  • Maintain an independent point of view avoiding the risk of potential conflict of interest

  • Employ people, time and ressources efficiently

Encourage both personal and professional growth of our members

  • Develop the team's capabilities by spending time on training, as well as providing guidance on development

  • Reward the effort and dedication of the team fairly

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