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Enhanced decisions for a brighter future

In this fast changing world decision making has become more complex than ever. At Pharoes we develop technology to help sharpen government policies and corporate strategies in key areas such as the energy transition.

We also believe great technology should be put in the hands of everyone to use, just as lighthouses have been doing for over centuries. So whether you are a utility, a government agency, a consulting firm or a research institute reach out to us and we will do whatever is in our hands to make the world a better place and your clients and communities happier and more successful.

What we do                                                          

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Our solutions are backed by solid mathematical solutions to capture the complex relationships that static spreadsheet based models are unable to represent.

Advisory and training

Leveraging our models we serve governments agencies and corporations on how to materialize the energy transition and provide the needed training to best leverage our solutions.

What we do
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Selected publications                                             


Market study of a pumped storage plant to integrate renewables

Renewable power generation increases the variability of power system operation challenging the economic operation of existing projects and increasing the need for storage.

Market studies, required by financial institution for bankability, require a solid market modelling exercise to assess the value of the project as well as its capability to pay back the loan even under challinging market situations. Furthermore, this allows to optimize the design of a project to increase profitability and to ensure bankability.

Selected publications
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