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In this fast-changing world decision making has become more complex than ever, we make this complexity manageable using advanced analytics to sharpen government policies and corporate strategies around the energy transition.

Advanced planning for the energy transition


Ceres supports the energy transition providing valuable insights to strategic questions such as the assessment of new investment projects or assessing the tradeoff between network expansion, batteries and demand side measures.

Ensuring a reliable supply round the clock


The development of renewables poses relevant challenges to system operators, the intermittency introduced by these low carbon sources increases the complexity of operations. Fides is designed to quantify supply risk and thus help design mitigation measures.

Operating the grid of the future


Kairos is a unit-commitment and optimal power flow solution that simulates power system and market operation in the range of minutes to hours considering electricity transmission and distribution, natural gas and  hydrogen infrastructure.

Enhancing financial performance


Hermes evaluates the optimal market operation of power generation projects, this can be used to assess the financial value of a project and optimize its dimensioning.


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