About us

Pharoes is a global solutions based consulting company, we develop technology to help sharpen government policies and corporate strategies in key areas such as the energy transition

What we believe

In this fast-changing world decision making has become more complex than ever. We believe that technology is essential to better understand the world, make better decisions and thus improve people’s lives.


A solutions based consulting company

Based in Spain with projects in more than 8 countries: Spain, India, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Macedonia, Kirgistan, Kenya

We are certified by ISO 27001

We have received official accreditation as an innovative enterprise from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

We work with leading utilities, governments and financial institution in Europe, Asia and South America

Our values

Guiding principles of our actions

Respect and guarantee the dignity of colleagues, customers and suppliers as well as to the overall society

  • Respect this above all circumstances such as social or professional position, sex, religion, social class and race etc.
  • Consider people as an end in themselves and never as a means to something 
  • Dedicate sufficient time to one’s family, community and coworkers as a proof of this value

Focus on creating value for the customer, which is the reason for the company’s existence
  • Always prioritize the delivery of products and services that create more value versus those that create more revenue
  • Adopt the latest technological innovations that help increase our impact
  • Prioritize the maintenance of long-term relationships through outstanding professional performance

Ensure excellent professional performance as the best means of fulfilling our mission
  • Ensure that the best possible work is done with the tools and information available
  • Maintain an independent point of view avoiding the risk of potential conflict of interest
  • Employ people, time and resources efficiently

Encourage both personal and professional growth of our members
  • Develop the team’s capabilities by spending time on training, as well as providing guidance on development
  • Reward the effort and dedication of the team fairly


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